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Hunting down the perfect screen door last weekend took me through a favorite Charlotte haunt: Crossland Architectural Antiques. With architecture in my blood, there’s nothing I love more than scavenging through carved wood and stone. Saturday seemed to follow a theme from Crossland’s to nearby South End Exchange, and what I wouldn’t give to take these lithe and graceful ladies home!

And that’s one of the loveliest truths about the truly classic: it doesn’t need a makeover, an upfit, a purpose, or a raison d’etre. Just lug it home, love it, and it lights up your life. {oooh, uplights!}


Old Paint; Fabulous Chair

Screen Door Asheville

Spied at The Screen Door,
Asheville, NC

Saturday was sunny and cool, and a perfect day for junking in Asheville. More on that later, but first, a peek at my fabulous technicolor find.

Two Vintage Cuties, one in Tomato-Meets-Mango, and the other cheerfully sporting Periwinkle-Meets-Watermelon-with-Undertones-of-Canteloupe.

Junking Asheville NC


I scooped up the tag and immediately forked over the cash. Honeydew, can you open the trunk for me please?

Junking Asheville NC


Admittedly, I have a tendency to roll out of bed in the morning and hit the ground in a race with time, so I’ve always admired those ladies who are as well coiffed from behind as they are face-first, and my new Sweetie did not disappoint. Loving the blue!

And now . . . where will she live? Does she fancy the hills or the sea, the lilies or the cherry blossoms? Oh hell, she’ll be a traveler like me of course. Can’t wait to wake up each morning and see where she’s spending the day.

What: Vintage Metal Chair

Where: Screen Door, 115 Fairview Road  Asheville, NC

How Much: $38

New Life: Garden Ornament


Ultimate Vintage Lamp?


Layered Lovelies

Glider Patina

Glider Patina

We’re all suckers for surface decoration, aren’t we? It’s a little kick in the head to know that plain old weather and neglect can create more evocative designs than I can with fancy tools or a pedigree . . . but then again, I bow my head to nature on a daily basis.

Sometimes, and by that I mean often, allure lies in the unplanned and unpolished. I may not want to nap here in white silk, but I can totally envision this glider in the garden, adorned with a few terracotta pots of lavender and a tumble of morning glories, or disassembled seat from back and hanging as companion “paintings” in the dining room.

This Lovely was spied at The Tobacco Barn, Asheville, North Carolina.

Oh Me Oh My


Metal File Cabinet

Oh how mad I was to find you, my pretty. Funky AND functional, with oodles of drawers for untold treasures organized so neatly and for my eyes only. I could shelter the world in you, with endless opportunities to explore and create at my fingertips. Sold Sticker, be cursed.


Spied in Lucketts, Virginia, at Old Lucketts Store


Junking, Cline’s Country Antiques


Chalk It Up


Love, Love, Love this old blue drawer-turned-chalkboard. One of the easiest upcycling ideas I’ve seen PLUS totally useful PLUS way cool. Funky + Functional. Must make.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen numerous incarnations of the very desk that once held this vintage drawer. Gotta say: improvement all the way around.

Chalkboard paint is widely available at craft stores or online. A couple of D-Rings on the back, sturdy wire for hanging, and a box of chalk. Go for it.

(Seen at The Cottage, Leesburg, Virginia)